About  the software DAD

   DAD is designed to facilitate the analysis and the comparisons of social welfare, inequality, poverty and equity across distributions of standard living. Its features include the estimation of a large number of indices and curves that are useful for distributive comparisons as well as the provision of asymptotic standard errors to enable statistical inference.

DAD: A Software for Distributive Analysis / Analyse Distributive  This programme is freely distributed and freely available. Please acknowledge its use by quoting it as  Jean-Yves Duclos, Abdelkrim Araar and Carl Fortin, "DAD: a software for Distributive Analysis / Analyse Distributive", MIMAP programme, International Development Research Centre, Government of Canada, and CIRPÉE, Université Laval.

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puce Version of DAD 4.6 : available in October 2010
puce Learn DAD through exercises and answers
puce Technical notes
puce DASP-Project: Distributive Analysis Stata Package (2006-2012)
Books and articles
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