Technical notes
Note-1 : Plotting a joint density function using DAD and  GnuPlot
Note-2 : Plotting a joint distribution function using DAD and GnuPlot
Note-3 :  Computing an economic mobility matrix using DAD
Note-4 :  Computing a social mobility matrix using DAD
Note-5 :  Estimating the conditional standard deviation of income according to initial or average level of income
Note-6 :  Estimating an expected living standard according to an initial level
Note-7 :  Vertical and horizontal inequality and poverty
Note-8 :  Drawing propoor curves with DAD
Note-9 :  Decomposing the variation in poverty into growth and distribution components
Note-10 :  Performing a sectoral decomposition of the variation in poverty
Note-11 :  Distributive indices and statistical inference
Note-12 : Distributive analysis and negative Incomes
Note-13 : Excel 2 DAD datafile